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Community Operations

What is Community Operations?

DeviantART's Community Operations Department is dedicated to providing a high standard of community development, encouraging innovative and creative opportunities within the community.

Areas which we are responsible for include:
:bulletblue: Providing community support and assistance via the Help Desk.

:bulletblue: Providing customer service for prints and merchandise customers.

:bulletblue: Developing and enforcing policies, including copyright issues, inappropriate content and other violations.

:bulletblue: Providing opportunities for interactive events and encouraging collective action within our community via the chat network and forums.

Our department drives an environment where deviants can come together and be empowered within, and by, the community. We believe that community development is not a department -- it's an approach which helps people to recognise and develop their ability to reach their potential. By providing this organised, motivated, accountable and effective department, we are leading the way for deviants to continue participating in a way which they feel listened to, valued and inspired.

Countdown to the next Deviousness Award!

Tuesday, September 30th @ 9:00pm

The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out on the 1st of every month to one trully outstanding deviant.


Celebrating Deviousness 2014


Celebrating Deviousness August 2014

Fri Aug 1, 2014, 12:53 AM

Deviousness Award


Congratulations to

What is this Awesome Achievement?

The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.

Endorell-Taelos is very well known within the community for her selfless giving and gracious community spirit. Since joining DeviantART over seven years ago, Alicia has continued to make a positive impact on many deviants. Her helpful and thoughtful approach was one of her finest attributes when serving as a Community Volunteer, and this has continued throughout the many contests which Alicia provides on a regular basis. As we approach our Birthday celebrations, we can't think of a better way to kick-start the party than by awarding the Deviousness Award for August 2014 to a deviant who is a role model to us all. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Endorell-Taelos

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CajunWolfe Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconbreakingthecircle: I would really like to get this group noticed. I have noticed more and more things on DA related to issues presented in this group. I believe this group could become a valuable tool for this site's members.
K4nK4n Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014
I've sent a few reports about this certain bug problem since last month but the admins still haven't fixed the problem.…
Vicxtor Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student General Artist
I think you should update several blogs about the names of the users.
milovanf Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Question: What is a 'deviousness award'?
ArrogantReality Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Professional Writer
The award is given each month to a deviant the staff feel has shown to be a true member of our community, someone who is helpful, caring, driven to support our community, someone who is respectful in all things.

In other words, someone they feel has shown that they are the best of us, not by words, but by actions. :)
milovanf Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Totally forgot on that comment! :lol: Thank for explanation mate, much appreciate it.
ArrogantReality Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Professional Writer
(1 Reply)
AndreyVdovichenko Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014

Hello users

racism on deviantart

If I will not write it, then no one can do it
the worst disease on Earth is racism, division races, I'm on this site for 5 years and I have not seen such moronity as of late.
I am 2D artist, I love this site, but recently i was disgusted at it, is because of racism, I am Russian and I have a lot of friends of different nationalities.
I want to say that these users stay-meaning of on this site? that they are useful? DEVIANTART HAS ALWAYS BEEN a SITE CREATED for artists and photographers, why on this site need dirt?
Second, each of these people do bad things, there is no benefit from them.
Thank you in advance

Admin -

Hiya AndreyVdovichenko

Thank you for contacting deviantART, I will be assisting you with your support ticket.

Here at deviantART we enjoy providing a platform for our deviants to freely exchange ideas in a respectful atmosphere and we support providing our members with as much creative freedom as possible. We recognize that some individuals may use these freedoms to express viewpoints, political or otherwise, which are unpopular, scorned or outright hated.

We do prohibit the submission of what may be termed “Hate Art” and "Hate Speech" which advocate genocide, slavery or inflicting other harmful conditions upon a particular race or class of people, but we do not automatically consider certain symbols or symbolism to be "Hate Art"; it is only when the symbolism is combined with certain types of extremist or racist speech or used in an openly hostile manner that we will take administrative action.

The mere association of extremist beliefs with a profile or deviation is also not an automatic violation of policy; we will remove an individual from our community or delete a deviation based on the exact statement(s) which have been made or the manner in which they interact and not by the simple basis of their beliefs, political, religious or otherwise.

If you can actually provide me with specific evidence of any clearly racist or bigoted behavior then I will be more than willing to investigate further, but if your complaint is based solely on symbolism or political affiliation then I am afraid that we must consider this ticket to be closed.


Customer Service Representative, Copyright & Etiquette Administrator.
deviantART, Inc.

Me- andreyvdovichenko.deviantart.c…

  • Hitler was a mass murderer with inferiority complexes.

This are examples of citable specific evidences:

UNDEADWARRIOR7411 Jan 30, 2013 Hobbyist General Artist

Hitler is the greatest man to have ever exist!

janabuii May 23, 2013 Student Traditional Artist

I love Hitler
BlackEvilSkull666 Dec 24, 2012 Student Traditional Artist


SulfuricAcid Aug 13, 2012 Hobbyist Digital Artist

Just a short question. If this isn't a political group and doesn't support National Socialism...Why does it EXIST? I mean, Hitler wasn't exactly what you would call a photo model of any sort, was he? :O_o:

  • Hello AndreyVdovichenko

While we understand these statements can be upsetting, as my last reply has stated, deviants are able to freely exchange ideas and viewpoints in self-made groups, political or otherwise, which are unpopular, scorned or outright hated as long as they do not fall within the parameters of "Hate Speech". Upon further review these statements are not something that requires action at this time.

Customer Service Representative, Copyright & Etiquette Administrator.
deviantART, Inc.



What certain deviants on this site are writing to support  the hate ideologies of Racism, Facism, and  Nazism - to support the obnoxious conduct and gruesome deeds of Hitler, of someone who had massacred scores of millions of other races and nationalities – is simply cannot be tolerated on this site. The logic is simple: the practice you allow on this site is not in conformity with civilized values and norms that are upheld by the United Nations. These were the same hate ideologies that provoked and started World War II. It is obviously a great disservice to this DeviantArt site if you continue to encourage and condone hate philosophies and hate ideologies. A word to the wise is sufficient. 

 // may not be considered  the administrator

ArrogantReality Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014  Professional Writer
I really wish people would get the understanding of what hatred and bigotry actually ARE, instead of just going  "I DON'T LIKE IT SO IT MUST BE BAD", which, they ALSO don't seem to understand is THEM being bigots.
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